The Street Preacher's Hymns

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The man of sorrows, Son of God,

Alone upon the sacred tree;

He bore our sin, he bled and died,

To save both you and me.

He bore the cross, curséd death,

The sinless son of man;

Not fit for heaven nor fit for earth,

Abandoned and forsaken.

O sinner see your just desserts,

He bore this curse for thee;

That hellish cross, he took your part,

From sin, to set you free.

What kind of love, O love this is,

He came to take your shame,

For you to know the joyful bliss,

Of vict'ry in his name.

So sinner come, beneath that cross,

And see the Saviour's love;

For you, for you, these agonies,

He bore that you might live.

(Tune: Retreat, CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton, written 26th, January 2024)


The Lamb amidst the throne,

God’s seat of wondrous grace;

A Lamb that once for sin was slain,

Jesus, my great high priest.

A sacrifice for sin,

That’s opened up the way;

For God’s free love and grace to run,

The price for sin to pay.

Jesus, He is the way,

God’s only place of rest;

Now grace it reigns, and mercy free,

For all that trust in Christ.

Come sinners one and all,

God’s Lamb He bids you come;

Hear from His throne His gracious call:

To rest in God’s dear Lamb.

Grace, grace and grace alone,

For sinners set before;

The vilest sin, the most unclean,

His blood makes most pure.

(Tune: Naomi, SM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton, written 14th, January 2024)


When stormy winds and billows blow,

And tides, they rise and fall;

Your promised hand, that won't let go,

An anchor for my soul.

When forces dark, around me fly,

And seek to bring me down;

Jesus, my Lord, to You I cry,

My God, to You alone.

When friends and family let me down,

I'm  left without a friend;

To You I come, to You I turn,

On Whom, I can depend.

When faced with Jordan's steep descent,

Below the raging wave;

I shall not fear, I shall not shrink,

Your hand shall still its rage.

When I stand in judgment, Lord,

Before Your awful throne;

Washed and cleansed in Jesus' blood,

In righteousness Your own.

(Tune: Orton, CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton, written 22nd, December 2023)


Thou holy Son of God, most pure

Thou'st set Thyself apart for us,

Hallowéd be Thy name and power,

We sanctify Thee Lord of hosts.

Thou Holy One of God, most high,

Suffered outside Jerusalem;

Were set apart to bleed and die,

To set us free from sin and shame.

Thou suffering Servant of the LORD,

Who loved his bride and died for her;

To consecrate her by Thy blood,

And make us altogether pure.

Thou Holy Son of Man, God's Christ,

We sanctify Thy hallowed name;

For in Thy name alone we trust,

To pardon us and move our shame.

(Tune: Retreat, CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton, written 10th, June 2014)


Trust, O my soul, alone in Christ,

The Father's Only Son;

From all eternity begot,

The Spirit-anointed One.

The Father's One, eternal Son,

In whom the Father dwells;

The perfect radiance of His Being,

His brightness fully shines.

Spirit of God and Jesus Christ,

Shine in our hearts today;

Reveal the Son, the Father's grace,

And with us ever stay.

Trust, O my soul, in Father's love,

His Son to die for me;

That through His death and life to live,

With God eternally.

(Tune: Ayrshire; (CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 21st December 2023)


My God, my Father, and my Friend,

From all eternity;

In God Himself, forever loved,

Within the Trinity.

My God before the world began,

His love, He set on me;

Gave me, drew me, to His Son,

From sin, He set me free.

My God has pledged Himself to me,

In covenant love and grace;

Throughout all time, eternally,

My Saviour and my Peace.

My God has kept me, throughout these years,

Through trials and many falls;

He holds me fast, in all my fears,

His love, just never fails.

My God, my Father, and my Friend,

Eternal Triune love;

My love for Him shall never end,

With Him to ever live.

(Tune: Retreat; (CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 20th December 2023)


Under the shadow of the cross,

Where Jesus bled and died;

That's all I have, my only boast,

For me, He spilt His blood.

Under the cross, I see my sin,

And see God's holy wrath;

My sin, my guilt, my shame, my blame,

For me, He suffered death.

Under the cross, my heart's delight,

My constant dwelling place;

For there God shone His beams of light,

To see His glorious grace.

Under the cross, in trembling joy,

It's there I take my stand;

Before God's grace and majesty,

Before Him uncondemned.

Under the cross, I'll watch and pray,

And tell the world of Christ;

And preach of Him, Who sin can slay,

At such an awesome cost.

Under the cross, now fear is gone,

Where peace and joy I found;

And now to stand, and stand alone,

The cross is all my pride.

(Tune: Irish; (CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 19th December 2023)


O thou my soul, in God take thy delight,

Open my heart, Lord, let Thy glory fill;

The radiance of, Thy love and glorious light,

Ravish me God, and overflow my soul.

O thou my soul, God has been good to Thee,

Steadfast in love, and bounteous in grace;

Poured out on thee, so undeservedly,

Now peace with God, O all surpassing peace.

O thou my soul, praise God on high above,

Immense and holy, compassionate is He;

Gracious and kind, and powerful to save,

Shine Jesus shine! Pour out Thy grace on me.

O thou my soul, walk with thy God alone,

In love with Him, delighting in Thy God;

One with His people sat around His throne;

Praise, worship, glory to, Christ my Lord!

(Tune: Eventide; (10. 10. 10. 10)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 18th December 2023)


Behold, the Son of God made flesh,

In nature one with us;

To bless a sinful world with peace,

Remove from us the curse.

Behold, the Lamb of God He comes,

Forth from the virgin's womb;

To die our death, to take our sins,

And leave that empty tomb.

Behold, the Son of righteousness,

Incarnate deity;

Both God and man, in one, to bless,

And make us one with Thee.

Behold, the Saviour of the world,

Our God, Immanuel;

Peace on earth, and mercy mild,

He comes to reconcile.

Behold, our Jesus, Lord and Christ,

Unite us one with Thee;

Thy beams of life, and love and light,

Fill us, eternally.

(Tune: Bishopthorpe; (CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 17th December 2023)


Spirit of God, open my eyes,

To see, and to behold;

The majesty and radiance,

And glory of my God.

Spirit of God, Your glory shine,

Excessive grace and light;

His love, His joy, In me be seen,

Be all my chief delight.

Spirit of God, what peace is mine,

Through faith in Jesus' blood;

Such kindness and so freely given;

And mine to show the world.

Spirit of God, Your gracious love,

Be seen in me by all;

As given to me, to freely give,

To sinners one and all.

Spirit of God, the Triune God,

That man, His glory see;

The radiant beauty of the Lord,

My God, be seen in me.

(Tune: Salzburg; (CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 15th December 2023)


Jesus, the overflowing fount,

Of love and gentleness;

Who spreads His life, His warmth and light,

His Father's tenderness.

Jesus, the Father's only Son,

Sent down from heaven above;

God's well-beloved, anointed One,

That you might know His love.

Jesus, by Whom all things were made,

Delights to flood with grace;

And in the world, His love to spread,

And bring eternal peace.

Jesus, the power of love divine,

He came to live and die;

More power in Him than in your sin,

Forever set you free.

Jesus, before Your cross I bow,

My sovereign Lord and King;

That I with wonder, love, and awe,

Of Your great glory sing.

Jesus my Lord, then send me out,

Myself, my life to give;

To others free from sin and guilt,

To know the Father's love.

(Tune: Retreat; (CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 14th December 2023)


Do not rebuke me, Lord,

Nor chasten me I pray;

In Your displeasure with Your rod,

Nor treat me angrily.

Have mercy on me, Lord,

For I am weak and sore;

O heal me Lord my bones are vexed,

How long till You restore?

Return and rescue Lord,

Because of Your mercies;

In death You will, You’ll be forgot,

None from the grave shall praise.

I groan in weariness,

My bed I flood with tears;

Because of all my enemies,

The grief has worn my eyes.

You evil workers, go,

Depart from me all ye;

The Lord has heard my voice of woe,

You work iniquity.

The Lord has heard my plea,

Has answered to my prayer;

Let them be turned my enemy,

In terror and in fear.

(Tune: Trentham; Dennis; SM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton, written, 14th, February 2005)


O sinner come, and come you may,

To yonder blood-stained cross;

Go straight to Him, without delay,

You will not suffer loss.

O sinner come, to Him who calls,

Who died upon the tree;

Come to Him, though your many falls,

His blood's your perfect plea.

O sinner come, for Christ has died,

Look unto me, He said;

Away from self, to Him who's dead,

His reconciling blood.

O sinner come, with empty hand,

No money, no, nor price;

His nail-pierced hands, his wounded side,

Received from His free grace.

O sinner come, come now to Christ,

To yonder blood-stained cross;

Lay down your burden at His feet,

His love has paid the cost.

(Tune: Irish; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 12th December 2023)


What bond of love, in covenant with my God,

Ordered and sure, an everlasting bond;

Formed and secured, and sealed with His own blood,

Jehovah-Jesus, my covenant Lord.

God’s covenant love, and fellowship so sweet,

His life in me, eternal and divine;

To live with Him, my soul forever blest,

I am my Lord’s, and He is ever mine.

God’s covenant grace and mercy undeserved,

Rescued from sin, its death and all its power;

To me a sinner, now I’m reconciled,

One with my Father, now and evermore.

My covenant God, my Father and my Friend,

What warmth and beauty, comfort for my soul;

Embraced in love, all fear is now removed,

This is my life, salvation, and my all.

My covenant Lord, my Shepherd and my Guide,

E’en through death’s valley, He’ll be with me there;

With rod and staff, His comfort to afford.

This is my God, and this my heart’s desire.

(Tune: Eventide; (10. 10. 10. 10)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 11th December 2023)


Spirit of God, teach us to pray,

To find delight in God;

And boldly come both night and day,

Through Christ’s most precious blood.

Spirit of God, grant us the sense,

Of God our Father’s love;

The sweet accord and free access,

To all Thy people giv’n.

Spirit of God, through Christ our Lord,

The new and living way;

To bring to Thee our every need,

O teach us, Lord, to pray?


Almighty, everlasting God,

Show mercy, Lord, to us;

Before Thy throne we bow and plead,

Our hearts to purify and cleanse.

Thy cov’nant, Lord, forget it not,

In pity, God, forgive;

Thy judgments and displeasure hot,

Remove, that we may live.

Thou Spirit of converting grace,

Turn us, and we’ll be turned;

Again to know Thy love and peace,

Thou Whom we’ve hurt and grieved.

Thy blood-bought bride whom Thou hast chose,

Now wandered, Lord, from Thee;

Bewitched by sin and by the world,

Cries, mercy, Lord, to me!

Jesus, our Lord, and Shepherd still,

Our faithful covenant God;

We turn again to do Thy will,

Renew us now, we plead. 

(Tune: Retreat; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 9th December 2023)


Eternal God, and Paraclete,

Spirit of love divine;

Show me the things of Jesus Christ,

And that He’s fully mine.

Eternal God, and Comforter,

Come, bring the cross of Christ;

To cleanse my sin and kill its power

And purify my heart.

Eternal God, and Counsellor,

Spirit of sovereign grace;

The earn’st of heaven, my heart assure, 

And bring Thy lasting peace

Eternal God, the promised Help,

Spirit of righteousness;

With love and joy, abounding hope,

And heaven’s blessédness

Eternal God, the Breath of heaven,

Breathe on my soul today;

To know Thee near, Thy power within,

And live eternally.

(Tune: Salzburg; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 7th December 2023)


Abiding in His love,

The Father's tender care;

To rise above, in faith to live,

Life's many storms and fears.

His unchangeable love,

The Father's whispered grace;

O let its warmth, and let it leave,

Your soul in perfect peace.

The Father's steadfast love,

Midst dark and troubling thoughts;

O rest your soul and rise above,

To heaven's quiet rest.

The Father's love in Christ,

Before the world began;

That we might taste, unmixed delight,

And with our God commune.

So rest your soul in love,

Rise up from all your cares;

And walk with God in heaven above,

In Father's love so dear.

(Tune: Naomi; SM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 5th December 2023)


Jesus, He comes, the second time,

To show His Father's glory;

O what a day, O how sublime,

What grace and majesty!

Jesus, He comes, the second time,

In glory shall appear;

God blessed forever, all divine,

And blessed forever more.

Jesus, He comes the second time,

The holy, Son of Man;

His people bless, and gather them,

And take them all to heaven.

Jesus, He comes the second time,

And His angelic throng;

To take His blood-bought throng with Him,

To glorify their King.

Jesus, He comes the second time,

Appearing on the clouds;

The Blessed God, He comes, He comes,

In glory, Jesus comes!

(Tune: Ayrshire; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 4th December 2023)


When life is done, and Jordan's waters flow,

Peace like a river, let it fill my soul;

Stand with me, Jesus, make my heart  aglow,

Enflamed with love, and with your glory full.

When on the banks, of Jordan, Lord, I stand,

Yeah, be Thou with me, take away all fear;

Uphold me then, with Your righteous mighty hand,

Be with me then, although the waters roar.

Lord, when I place, my foot in Jordan's swell,

Trusting in Thee, my great redeeming God;

Uphold me through, death's dark and dreary vale,

Be Thou my comfort with Thy staff and rod.

When Lord, I cross, the raging Jordan's swell,

And place my foot, on heaven's tableland;

Then shall I see Thee, and my heart shall thrill,

Then shall I fully know and understand.

(Tune: Eventide; 10. 10. 10. 10)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 3rd December 2023)


What joy was set before the King,

After the cross and shame;

Received and taken on the wing;

Of heaven's delight and fame.

Extolled, exalted very high,

While angels gazed in awe;

The Son who stooped so low to die,

And crowned in glory now.

Our God came down in Jesus Christ,

Returned in human form;

God manifest in human flesh,

Jehovah, God, I AM.

Jehovah-Jesus has gone up;

And with a glorious shout;

With angel praise and sound of trump;

Lift up your heads, ye gates.

Let us before Him prostrate fall,

Our prophet, priest and King;

Submit to Him, give Him your all,

Your worship to Him bring.

What mighty gifts and blessings flow,

From Jesus' throne above;

Eternal life both here and now,

And everlastingr love.

(Tune: Kilmarnock; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 1st December 2023)


O Hear my words, give ear O Lord,

Regard my inmost thoughts;

O hear my cry, my King and God,

Pay heed to my request.

O listen to me as I pray,

Each morning as I cry;

I wait, I pray, I look to Thee,

And wait for Thy reply.

Thou'rt not a God that’s pleased with sin,

No evil with Thee dwells;

The proud with Thee they cannot stand,

Nor in Thy sight have fools.

Thou shalt destroy them that tell lies,

Who murder and deceive;

But I because of Thy mercies,

In fear will worship Thee.

Lead me O Lord in righteousness,

Make straight Thy way for me;

Give me, to me, the great conquest,

To beat my enemy.

There is with them no faithfulness,

Their throats are like the grave;

Their mouths and hearts spew wickedness,

Their evil to contrive.

Destroy them God and let them fall,

Their counsels, them condemn;

For they against Thee do rebel,

From Thee O Lord, cast them.

But those who trust in Thee rejoice,

For Thy defence Thou givest;

Your righteous people Thou wilt bless,

And shield them with Thy love.

(Tune: Belmont; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton, written, 12th, February 2004)


Who being in, the form of God,

In nature all Divine;

The Person of the Son of God,

In nature found as man.

Heaven and earth, astonished be,

God veiled in human form;

To bear our sin upon the tree,

He of the virgin born.

He suffered as none other did,

Fulfilled His Father's will;

Upon the cross, He spilt His blood,

In love, He climbed that hill.

The Man of Sorrows, long ago,

In deep humility;

Laid in the tomb, the grave laid low,

In death, for us to die.

The Eternal Word, for us, made flesh,

To conquer sin and death;

That we by His, free love and grace,

Receive His life, through faith.

(Tune: Ayrshire; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 29th November 2023)


Incarnate God and virgin-born,

The Son of God from old;

Ancient of Days, both God and man,

The prophets all foretold.

The glories of Emmanuel,

A Son to us was born;

Who was to come and with us dwell,

God's own eternal Son.

All of the prophets testify,

The glories of God's Man;

Humble Himself and for us die,

Writ large and clearly seen.

God's precious sacrificial Lamb,

His blood for us was spilt;

Uniting saints of every land,

One church in Jesus Christ.

Come unto to me, yes, one and all,

And I will give you rest;

Lay down your burdens, let them fall,

Receive His righteousness.

(Tune: Retreat Tune; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 28th November 2023)


Jehovah Jesus, glory be!

Unclouded deity;

Unveiled in time, for all to see,

For all humanity.

Jehovah God, our righteousness,

From heaven to earth He came;

Our souls to save, our hearts to bless,

Remove our shame and blame.

Jehovah God, our covenant Friend;

Unchangeably the same;

For now, forever, to the end,

Stepped down, for us He came.

Jehovah Jesus, glory be!

Almighty, glorious One;

Our God, our Christ, our liberty,

Our conquering, risen Son.

(Tune: Salzburg; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 27th November 2023)


In Christ, the holiness of God,

Is seen most perfectly;

In equal power and glory read,

For all mankind to see.

In Christ see, what man has lost,

That beauteous holiness;

Engulfed in sin, and tempest-tossed,

Now fallen and defaced.

In Christ behold the wrath, Divine,

His Lamb upon the cross;

To take the due, the curse for sin,

Behold, God's holiness.

In Christ and His atoning blood,

Is found our only way;

From sin and death, and back to God,

Jesus the price to pay.

In Christ, is found the righteousness,

Performed and perfectly;

By God's own Son, in holiness,

And ours, the victory!

(Tune: Effingham; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 26th November 2023)


I'm justified by grace,

Set free for evermore;

And now with God, I am at peace,

To love and to adore.

I now rejoice in hope,

That will not disappoint;

No longer in the dark to grope,

To walk with Him in light.

I in this grace will stand,

Forever with the Lord;

Enduring all, right to the end,

Ransomed, healed and restored.

I shall not be ashamed,

For Christ has died for me;

Never again to be condemned,

His blood, my only plea.

I love the Lord my God,

His love is in my heart,

Into my heart His love He poured,

His blessings to impart.

(Tune: Dennis; SM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 25th November 2023)


To rise up to the Father's love,

To reach the heights of heaven;

And all my sorrows to relieve,

My soul to rest and lean.

To leave this world of darksome night,

With all its troublous fear;

Ascend to God, to peace and quiet,

My Father's love, so dear.

How gentle, kind, unchangeable,

A fount of love and grace;

With tenderness his heart is full,

His love my fears efface.

My Jesus came, this love to show,

The Father's love and light;

Whose beams of love through Christ to know,

And find my great delight.

So rise my soul to heaven's height,

Arise and go to Him;

Who sent His Son to give me rest,

With Him to dwell in heaven.

(Tune: St Ethelreda Tune; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 24th November 2023)


Where are our weeping hearts,

Our contrite brokenness;

That love of Thine, we had at first,

And did our sins confess?

Come Holy Spirit, come!

Convict and bring us down;

To humbly weep before Thy throne,

And us, to Thee return.

Our depth of sin reveal,

All wrong that we have done;

That truly from the depths of soul,

Again, Thy blood again atone.

Our gracious God and Friend,

We've grieved Thy heart so much;

Return O Lord, Thy Spirit send,

To know Thy heavenly touch.

A new command You gave,

That we should love like Thee;

Thy blood-bought sheep, for whom Thou gave,

Thyself upon the tree.

O LORD, to start again,

With broken contrite hearts;

For worthy is the Lamb once slain,

Our glorious, risen Christ.

(Tune: Naomi; SM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 23rd November 2023)


Great and glorious truth revealed,

God's incarnated Son;

The glory of the unseen God,

To save us from our ruin.

Emmanuel, God with us now;

Salvation to impart;

The love of God for us below,

Restore His image lost.

God within man, and virgin-born,

Stupendous, wondrous truth;

To live and die and rise again,

What glorious hope for faith.

In all the storms and trials of life;

The sorrows and the pain;

To soothe and comfort, keep us safe,

To us, a Son is born.

The wisdom of the Triune God,

Jesus, He brings us near,

That we might know and trust in God,

And take our guilt and fear.

Our glorious God, Emmanuel,

God, with us in this world;

Prostrate your heart, before Him fall,

Our glorious Triune God.

(Tune: Ayrshire; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 22nd November 2023)


Rekindle, Lord, Thy love in me,

This cold and languid mood;

Relight the flame of love for Thee,

In Christ's own precious blood.

Remove this cold and hardened heart,

Enflame my fading grace;

Return to me, O Holy Ghost,

Thy gracious quickening rays.

Renew in me, my joy in Thee,

Of sweet communion, Lord;

Incline my heart, that I might pray,

In steadfast love to God.

Send down Thy Holy Sp'rit again,

With flames of heaven's love;

Compassion, mercy, of God's Son,

My soul again revive.

To worship Thee again, my Lord,

Before Golgotha's scene;

That once again I may behold,

The Lamb for me once slain.

(Tune: Kilmarnock; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 21st November 2023)


From all creation, flagrant flower, and stream,

The fairest lake, and snowy mountain high;

God's beauty shines, His attributes are seen,

How can I know Him, my poor soul doth cry?

From Sinai's mount, both smoke and fire ascend,

Threatenings of justice, terrors of His law;

Before a holy Lord, I stand condemned,

Alas, Thy grace and mercy, Lord to know.

From yonder cross, I hear a Saviour call,

I am the way, the truth, the path to God;

Come unto to me, he says to one and all,

By His atoning death, be reconciled.

From God's dear Son, arisen from the dead,

God's glory shines in, the face of His dear Son;

To give us light, and see the face of God,

In Jesus Christ, His beauty, life Divine.

(Tune: Eventide;

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 19th November 2023)


This is the day the Lord has made,

A day of sweet delight;

A day to rest, and lay aside,

My toils and rest in Christ.

This is the day, the Lord has made,

A day of sweet repose;

To feast on Christ, the living bread,

And he my heart compose.

This is the day the Lord has made,

To taste the best of wine;

To toast the One who lived and died

Through faith in Him recline.

This is the day the Lord has made,

A Sabbath made for man;

To cease from work and rest in God,

In all for us, He's done.

This is the day the Lord has made,

We will remember Him;

Proclaim His death, the death He died,

For us, until He comes.

(Tune: Orton; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 18th November 2023)


The doctrines of the gospel flow,

God's selfless love for man;

His longing for His creature's love,

Conceived salvation's plan.

These things He speaks as clearly as now,

The doctrine of His love;

That we might come to love and know,

And for His glory live.

The glory of redemption's God

His love and excellence;

Look in the face of Christ the Lord,

Revealed in wondrous grace.

When God and man are reconciled,

Their hearts are knit as one;

Conformed to God and satisfied,

In God the Three-in-One.

The doctrine of our glorious God,

For this was sent to man;

That we might live through Him that died,

Saved from the dread of sin.

(Tune: Bishopthorpe; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 17th November 2023)


I have peace with God,

I'm fully justified;

Through Christ in grace, in this I stand,

For Christ, my Lord has died.

I'm justified by faith;

His perfect peace is mine;

My hope, my joy, my all, my life,

To stand before His throne.

I'm justified by grace,

By grace, and grace alone;

The fountain of my joy and peace,

Nothing that I have done.

This peace I have with God,

I shall endure through all;

My God has loved and justified,

He shall not let me fall.

(Tune: Dennis; SM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 16th November 2023)


O for a calm and simple faith,

A soul composed with love;

The Spirit's power, to feel His breath,

Anoint my soul to live.

O for a calm and holy mind,

Of tender-heartedness;

To show the world, my Saviour's kind,

And willing them to bless.

O for a solemn frame of heart,

My soul enlarged and warmed;

My hopes increased for precious souls,

Brought near and reconciled.

O for a fulsome fervency,

And faithful to His word;

To speak with power and fluency,

And souls to Him resigned.

O for a thankfulness to God,

My great Redeemer's Son;

Who came and lived and loved and died,

To save such fallen men.

(Tune: Elijah Tune; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 15th November 2023)


O for a heart of warmth and joy,

In sweet devotion, Lord,

To yield myself in Your employ,

And labour in this world.

With diligence to seek Thy grace,

To know Thy steadfast love;

Dead to the world, alive in Christ,

Myself the more to give.

Give me the conquest over sin,

That yet remains in me;

More in the likeness of Thy Son,

And glory unto Thee.

To know the fullness of Thy love,

Thy free and fulsome grace;

An overflowing portion give,

Until I see Thy face.

That I might love to Thee return,

My sweet redeeming Lord;

Who took my shame, my blame, my sin,

And life to me, award.

Jesus, my all-sufficient God,

The slain and risen Lamb;

I humbly bow before Thee Lord,

Thine every just demand.

(Tune: Irish; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 14th November 2023)


Behold the Lamb of God,

Who takes away man's sin;

Who lived and died, rose from the dead,

That we might be forgiven.

Behold the Lamb of God,

The glory of the Son;

The Son of Man, the Son of God,

Revealed for sinful man.

Behold the Lamb of God,

A sacrifice for sin;

A savour sweet, that satisfied,

The Father's just demand.

Behold the Lamb of God,

And see Him bleed and die;

Be washed by faith, and purified,

Tis' finished was his cry.

Behold the risen Lamb,

Who suffered bled and died;

That we before our God might stand,

By faith now justified.

(Tune: Dennis; SM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 12th November 2023)


O Lord my God in Thee I do,

I put my trust in Thee;

From my oppressors, come rescue,

And do deliver me.

My soul he’ll like a lion tear,

To pieces rive my soul;

Whilst there is none that can deliver,

No one to save my soul.

O Lord my God if I have done,

Is this iniquity?

If in my hands there is this sin,

If Lord I am guilty.

If I have rendered evil to,

Who was at peace with me;

Without a cause have spoiled my foe,

That was my enemy.

Then to my foes deliver me,

My soul let them tread down;

My honour from me take away,

E’en into dust tread down.

Lift up Thyself in anger Lord,

Because my foes do burn;

Wake up! Stand up! O Thou my God,

Thy justice to me turn.

So shall the nations gather round,

To Thee they all shall come;

The people Thee, they shall surround,

Return Thou to Thy throne.

Thou Lord shall judge the people, yes,

Judge me, O Lord, e’en me;

According to my righteousness,

Integrity found in me.

The wicked bring them to an end,

And stablish Thou the just;

A righteous God You cannot bend,

And try men's hearts You must.

My shield is God, He’s my defence,

The one Who saves the right;

Those who with within show righteousness,

Sincere and right in heart.

God judges men, yes righteous men,

He judges good men true;

And God is wroth, yes does condemn,

Each day the wicked too.

If he’ll not turn and do repent,

God’s sword is set to fall;

His bow is ready, it is bent,

If he’ll not turn at all.

The tools of death God has prepared,

Made ready for him too;

His arrows He’s appointed,

For those who persecute.

See how he with iniquity,

Travails with it, it’s plain;

Conceives mischief, brings forth deceit,

Gives birth to what is sin.

He’s dug a pit and fallen in,

Into his ditch he made;

His sin upon his head come down;

His mischief on him turned.

I’ll praise the Lord His righteousness,

I’ll sing, I’ll praise His name;

The Lord most high, His holiness,

I’ll sing the Lord’s good name.

(Tune: Bays of Harris; CM)

© Jimmy Hamilton, written, 6th, March 2005)


Lord, bring an end to legal fears,

The power of guilt, remove;

The sins of all our former years,

Release and us, absolve.

O grant to us that guarantee,

Thy Spirit's holy grace;

To know that we are one with Thee,

To live in perfect peace.

Rejoice our hearts, O sovereign Lord,

All mourning take away;

That in this state of grace, renewed,

Our fears, be all allayed.

A living faith impart, dear Lord,

Our unbelief, dissolve;

Faith in the promise of Thy word,

The comfort of Thy love.

A faith to live, a faith to serve,

Thy name to all make known;

To tell of Christ, O make us brave,

To tell of His renown.

(Tune: Kilmarnock; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 11th November 2023)


Jesus, Thou word of love,

Who came from heaven above;

Into this darkened world of sin,

That we might be forgiven.

Jesus, Thou word of truth,

Who spoke the words of life;

To work in us a living faith,

In Thee a firm belief.

Jesus, Thou word of peace,

Who died upon the cross;

To grant to us a sweet release,

And give to us Thy grace.

Jesus, the name that saves,

Who gives eternal life;

For sinners lost the way he paves,

And ends all sin and strife.

(Tune: Dennis; SM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 10th November 2023)


O for a faith that lives for Christ,

For Christ and Christ alone;

To live by Him his name to trust,

Whose blood for sin atones.

O for a faith that binds to Christ,

Unites forevermore;

That keeps me close, close to His breast,

And love Him more and more.

O for a faith to trust in Christ,

And know him in my heart;

His Spirit's breath, His inward voice,

From Him to never part.

O for a faith to be like Christ,

As kind as kind can be;

Transformed by His almighty power,

And more like Him to be.

O for a faith to tell of Christ,

To tell the whole wide world;

Of Him who died to save the worst,

If they in Him would trust.

O for a faith in Jesus Christ,

The conquering Son God;

O'er death and hell, and sin's dread curse,

Praise be! Praise be! My God.

(Tune: St Ethelreda Tune; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 9th November 2023)


Jesus, I come to Thee,

Burdened with guilt and sin;

Remove my fear and set me free,

That I might be forgiven.

Jesus, I come to Thee,

My sin to Thee I bring;

Thy blood and righteousness, my plea,

And to Thy cross, I cling.

Jesus, I come to Thee,

Thou mighty Son of God;

Who shed His blood and died for me,

To bring me back to God.

Jesus, I come to Thee,

All pardoning Lamb of God;

Who took my shame upon that tree,

And washed me in Thy blood.

(Tune: Naomi; SM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 8th November 2023)


Sweet Holy Spirit, Breath divine,

Breath on my soul the breath of heaven;

That I may know that God is mine,

And that he is my full possession.

Sweet Holy Spirit, Breath of God,

Shine on the sacred page, reveal;

Jesus my Lord, the living Word,

Until my heart, His presence feels.

Sweet Holy Spirit, Breath of love,

Create in me, a love like Thine;

That I myself might wholly give,

To love with all my heart and mind.

Sweet Holy Spirit, Breath of Christ,

Breath on my soul O Breath divine;

That I may know that I am His,

And that he is my soul possession.

(Tune: Shepherd Tune; LM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 7th November 2023)


Remember, remember, the eighth of November,

What God has joined, let no man sunder;

Forty-eight years of wedded bliss,

Just seems to have flown in a beautiful mist.

Remember, remember the eighth of November,

How many is left? Who can number;

Whatever they hold,  is not ours to give,

We just cling to each other in the rapture of love.

Remember, remember the eighth of November,

A day together that we’ll always remember;

The bodily aches and the pains of the years,

Have not diminished, holding each other so dear.

Remember, remember the eighth of November,

Jimmy and Nes will always remember;

So thankful to God, for each given day,

Trusting He’ll keep us together, the rest of the was
                                                (©️ Jimmy Hamilton, November 2018)


The time is short,  the end is near,

While grace is offered free;

The night it comes, your soul is dear,

Come, is the Saviour's plea.

The day is spent, it hurries by,

While Jesus bids you to;

His blood to cleanse, and purify,

And make you all anew.

The hour will strike, this world will end,

Sinner you must relent;

Submit to Christ on Him depend,

And of your sin repent.

The end is near, and judgment looms,

Before the throne of Christ;

Turn now, before the trumpet sounds,

Come now, to Him you must.

Too late they cry, their torments rise,

They heard but took no heed;

Now where the worm it never dies,

Come now to Him who died.

The call it comes, to you again,

Don't waste another hour;

Come now to Jesus on Him lean,

Trust in His saving power.

(Tune: Ayrshire; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 4th November 2023)


Consider the love of Christ,

In grace, He calls you now;

Cut off from Him, forever lost,

Unless the knee you bow.

Consider His love for you,

A sinner lost, undone;

Cast out and cursed, what shall you do,

When earthly life is done?

Consider His saving power,

In sin and unbelief;

Come to Him now, this very hour,

He offers you relief.

Consider Christ the Lord,

Who died upon the cross;

To take the shame for all mankind,

And take away man's curse.

Consider the Son of God,

His dying love embrace;

Now is the time, be reconciled,

And be with God at peace.

(Tune: Trentham; SM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 3rd November 2023)


I lift my soul, to Thee O Lord!

And leave this world behind;

To be with Thee, my gracious God,

By faith, in Glory-land.

To mortify this present world,

Commune with Thee my Friend;

My God of love, my sovereign Lord,

In life that ne'er shall end.

Assist and draw me to Thy breast,

Reveal Thyself to me;

In sweet communion at Thy feet,

And hear my earnest plea.

O cleanse, and purify my heart,

Again regenerate;

My soul to life, and love I lift,

To Thee my Potentate.

(Tune: Grafenberg; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 2nd November 2023)


My sinking soul uphold,

Midst all my sorrows, Lord;

In all the evils of this world,

I mourn Thy presence, God.

Free from all distress,

My soul doth long to be;

A stranger in this wilderness,

O Lord, I look to Thee.

Whom have I on this earth?

Or in the heaven above;

Lord, as I tread this lonely path,

My soul do Thou preserve.

Soon death will come for me,

No more to walk this earth;

In glorious light, with Thee to be,

And in Thy love to bathe.

O for that Sabbath Rest,

An end of all my toils;

With Thee forever, which is best,

Where nothing ever spoils.

My soul doth long for Thee,

Jesus, my Lord and God;

Thy presence know, Thy glory see,

Forever with the Lord!

(Tune: Naomi; SM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 29th October 2023)


The wondrous language of Your grace,

Sweet whisper of Your love;

Soul-satisfying, breathing peace,

Send down from heaven above.

To know that You are gracious, Lord,

And have the sense divine;

Is all I need, my soul to feed,

And know that You are mine.

You are my portion in this world,

There's none I want but You;

My all-sufficient Lord and God,

My faithful Friend and true.

My sin remove and take away,

That wounds Your heart so dear;

O hear, I beg and humbly pray,

To know You ever near.

It's in Your grace that now I stand,

Rejoicing in all the day;

In Your salvation ever planned,

Your glory to display.

(Tune: Belmont; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 29th October 2023)


Your gracious law is our delight,

The pilgrim's way of life;

Our moral compass and our light,

It shines upon our path.

Your law of love, so full of grace,

We freely do confess;

Reveals Your will, reflects Your face,

We see Your loveliness.

Your law is good and holy, Lord,

Constraining holiness;

Convicts of sin, reveals our need,

Of our redeemer God.

Your law of truth, and verity,

In Christ, we can fulfil;

Your gospel grace and power convey,

And make our hearts to thrill.

Your law, it was our Saviour's rule,

It shall be ours too;

He came to love and do Your will,

To bring us back to You.

Your law we can and will fulfil,

Express our thankfulness;

For Him who came, His blood to spill,

And give us righteousness.

(Tune: Salzburg; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 28th October 2023)


The Lord our God is full of grace,

So generous and kind;

To those who call upon His name,

In Him all blessings find.

He's meek and gentle to the lost,

He comes to seek and save;

And give to them that blessed rest,

That only God in Christ may give.

Jesus, the Lord of life and love,

The Saviour of the world;

Came down from glory, to forgive,

And bring us back to God.

What kindness and what wondrous grace,

That God should love us so;

For us to see His smiling face,

And with His presence all aglow.

O what praise to Him we owe,

What honour to His name;

For all the love and kindness shown,

That He should take away our shame.

(Tune: Shepherd Tune; LM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 27th October 2023)


A broken and a burning heart,

Of love for all mankind;

For those from You who are apart;

Lost in their sin and blind.

Give me, O Lord, a heart to reach,

And tell of Your free grace;

To lift my voice Your word to preach,

That they Your love may taste.

I want to be as sweet and kind,

As Jesus was to me;

With pity and compassion find,

Those lost, and brought to Thee.

A Christ I have a Saviour God,

Who for poor sinners bled;

He took their curse and rose again,

And for their sin is dead.

So let me go and tell the world,

To lift up my voice, for Christ;

The gospel banner to unfurl,

And reach for sinners lost.

(Tune: Ayrshire; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 26th October 2023)


In all the sorrows of my life,

And all the trouble and the strife;

Grant, Lord the grace to overcome,

That from Your love I may not turn.

In all the times of darkness, Lord,

Grant me the grace, Your hand to hold;

That I may walk with You each step,

And by Your grace, my soul be kept.

In all the sickness and the pain,

May I find strength to see some gain;

That I may grow in holiness,

And never from Your word digress.

In all the wars of faith, I face,

That I may fight and win the race;

Stand with me Lord, in every fray,

One, in the fight, and victory.

In the last hours when death draws near,

Take from me every ounce of fear;

Grant me Your holy comfort, Lord,

The blessêd presence of my God.

(Tune: Shepherd Tune; LM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 25th October 2023)


O for a heavenly frame,

And for a serious mind;

To be a stranger on this plain,

Engrossed in heaven's land.

A heart that longs for home,

And  taken off this world;

O for  that new Jerusalem;

My heart set full on God.

To view that heavenly Throne,

That ever-flowing stream;

Moment by moment, flowing down.

Eternal love to beam.

Jesus, send down to me,

Each day a fresh supply;

Of grace and power, so rich and free,

Your Name to magnify.

O for a heavenly frame,

That's fixed on Christ, my Lord,

To praise and bless His holy Name,

And glorify my God.

(Tune: Trentham; SM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 24th October 2023)


The Lord is on our side,

He holds us by the hand;

He will not let our feet to slide,

But keeps us to the end.

His promise will not fail,

Firm as a rock it stands;

In every trouble and every trial,

On it our faith depends.

He is our heavenly peace,

Bought by His precious blood;

He took our sins, suffered the cross,

He died to make us good.

His Spirit guarantees,

He is our earn'st of heaven;

We know we're his, and he is ours,

Our God and our salvation.

The Lord is on our side,

He guides us all the way;

With us, he always will abide,

To that eternal Day.

(Tune: Naomi; SM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 20th October 2023)


What calm and happiness of soul,

My heart, it finds in Christ,

He is my love, my life, my all,

Eternal blessedness.

What sweet and blessed delights I find,

That fills my longing heart;

Composed and calm, in You my Lord,

I find my perfect rest.

What glimpses of my glorious God,

I find at Thy right hand;

What foretastes of the coming world,

Of heaven's tableland.

O Jesus, grant me more of Thee,

A sight of heaven's bliss;

Something of you in all I see,

Thy blessed tenderness.

O what a blessedness is mine,

Unworthy to the last;

Before Thee now, Thy glorious Throne,

My soul upon Thee cast.

(Tune: Belmont; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 16th October 2023)


I looked across the track and what did I see,

The fatness of the wicked and the ungodly;

I became foolish, envy began to gnaw at my soul,

The more I looked, the more it began to take its toll,

I was ready to give up, yeah, even to walk away,

They speak with such arrogance, they are so lofty.

Other men struggle, stumble and fall,

Not these fat cats, they got no troubles at all;

No thought for the poor man, they just trample him down,

What of the righteous are they wasting their time?

Are they guarding their hearts, is it all in vain?

Washing their hands, keeping themselves clean?

Violence, oppression, scorn, and faced with despair,

The godly man ceases, surrounded with care;

Plagued in the morning, and plagued in the night;

Just about ready to give up the fight,

The wicked ungodly, filled with their pride,

Rail against heaven, against God do they chide.

I thought it was all over, I had trusted in vain;

That God wasn't bothered whether we lost or won;

The wicked cared nothing, no thought about death,

All they cared about was their stinking wealth;

But God wasn't finished, he wasn't done with me yet,

He'd something to show me, that would end my fret.

He lifted the vail, he opened my eyes, to see Him again,

God hadn't forsook me, he'd been there all the time;

He had hold of my hand, and was guiding me onward,

My portion on earth, treasure in heaven, my great reward;

'Tis not so for the ungodly, in their arrogant pride,

Already they're slipping and slidding on the road that's wide.

So don't be foolish as I had begun to be,

Let God open your eyes that with me you might see;

The end of the wicked, and all their wealth,

It doesn't for them end that way, but in eternal dearth.

In a moment, utterly consumed, with no consolation;

All they'll have left is nothing but desolation.

(Tune: None)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 17th October 2023)


Who is He exalted high?

Now in the heaven's glorified;

Who for us was bound to die;

The Man of Sorrows once despised.

Who is He in the Glory Throned?

Clothed in such might and majesty:

The Son of Man who walked alone,

Suffered the pains of Calvary.

Who is He at God's right hand?

He, who in mighty power reigns;

Jesus, Who loved and for us died,

And by His blood to make us clean.

Who is He Whom the angels sing,

Who praise The Son both night and day;

And to Him praise and honour bring,

He is the King of Kings, is He.

(Tune: Shepherd Tune; LM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 15th October 2023)


In Adam's sin, condemned to die,

Poor sinner, come to Me!

In Adam's nature, hear Christ cry,

Come sinner, come to Me!

In Adam's nature Christ, He came,

In great humility;

To take your shame, to take your blame,

Come sinner, come to Me!

In Adam's nature, Christ He died,

He bled upon the tree;

On Him laid all the curse of God,

Come sinner, come to Me!

In Adam's nature, Christ arose,

He conquered death to free;

And overcome all mankind's foes,

Come sinner, come to Me!

In Adam's nature, Christ He reigns,

Ascended up on high,

And from his throne of glory calls,

Come sinner, come to Me!

(Tune: Kilmarnock; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 14th October 2023)


O Lord our God, how sore we need Your grace,

For each and every day, and circumstance;

For love and light and faith to increase,

That in this world Your kingdom may advance.

O Lord our God, we long for holiness,

To reach that mark of perfect sanctity;

Freed from this world in love and holiness,

To share the blessings of eternity.

O Lord our God, grant to us serenity,

In this world of sin and conflict still;

Resting in You, Your all sufficiency,

More and more conformed to Your will.

O Lord our God, grant gospel sweetfulness,

Again, to hear, our Saviour's lovely voice;

Draw near to us, in love and blessedness,

That in our Lord, we may the more rejoice.

(Tune: Eventide; 10 10. 10 10)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 13th October 2023)


Far away in the remains of an Israeli Kibbutz,

Children lie dead, under Muhammed's knife;

Women raped and slaughtered in a blitz,

Of hate and rage of Islamic strife.

It's written in their Book, the Quran dictates,

Chained are their hands, and cursed what they say;

Wherever you find them, this is their fate,

Put them to the sword, every one of them slay.

Hamas, or Isis, whatever name they choose,

They're all of a piece, they belong to Islam;

These are the ones whom Allah's cursed, Jews,

Not fit to live, but all to be slain.

Those are the ones, who say, "Allah is poor,"

To them is the punishment of Burning Fire

For them, we have the inevitable cure.

Burning and killing them, in hatred and ire.

You who believe, do not take them for friends,

Whoever's their ally, is one of them;

This is their book, why the violence never ends,

Pray, that you, never, never, become one of them.

Muhammed's an imposter and not a friend,

His book is a fiction of violence and hate;

Full of absurdities all broached on design,

To lead its followers to an awful fate.

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 13th October 2023)


Prepare us, Lord, to say farewell,

To this old tiresome world;

Nearer to our Redeemer dwell,

In life that knows no end.

Your presence, Lord, to covet more,

Our souls for you to thirst;

For that intense and blessed desire,

Be swallowed up in Christ.

The relish Lord, for things divine,

To see this world grow dim;

Command the light within to shine,

The glory of Your Son.

Immersed in love for Jesus Christ,

This world, is not our home;

To be with Him our souls athirst,

And clothed upon with Him.

So fill our longing souls with grace,

While waiting for His call;

Our souls unite in love intense,

As at Your feet, we fall.

(Tune: Salzburg; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 12th October 2023)


The love of God in Christ our Lord,

For fallen sinners lost;

Compassion, piteous, Son of God,

Came down to bear the cross.

The Son of Man in great delight,

From heaven came to live;

And save us from our sinful plight,

And show to us, His love.

Lost, and forlorn, without a hope,

In perfect misery;

Laid down His life, to lift us up,

And bring to us, His glory.

How can we understand such love?

We scarce can take it in;

By faith, we love, and learn to live,

Made fit one day for heaven.

O love of God, procured for us,

In giving us Your Son;

That we with Christ, in Paradise,

Might live with Him and reign.

(Tune: Ayrshire; CM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 11th October 2023)


Upon the ocean broad,

Of that eternal bliss;

Sunk in the depths of the eternal world,

In God, my soul to bless.

This world with all it boasts,

Its troubles and its wars;

To sing and pray, commune with Christ,

My soul In Him finds cheer.

To Him, I owe so much,

On earth, a heaven like this;

To enter in my soul to launch,

And with my God, converse.

Draw near to me, said He,

In quiet solitude;

Alone with God, with Him to be,

In humble gratitude.

So set your sails for heaven,

Launch out into the deep;

In sweet converse with love divine,

Lost in His blessedness.

(Tune: Trentham; SM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 11th October 2023)


Your will be done, not ours,

Throughout the universe;

Subdue all men and evil powers,

Bring Heaven down to earth.

Your will be done not ours,

In all the Church of God;

Come to us in, temptation's hour,

And make us for Thy good.

Your will be done not ours,

In all our hearts hold sway;

When evil seeks us to devour,

It’s power break and slay.

Your will be done not ours,

Come, Jesus dwell within;

Our God and sovereign conqueror,

And make our hearts like heaven.

(Tune: Dennis; SM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton, written, 27th, April 2004)


Behold the Son of God, as man,

To make a righteous peace for us;

A willing sacrifice to span,

The gulf twixt God, and a sinful race.

Behold the lowly Son of God,

For man in sin, to reconcile;

The glory of His cross behold!

His dying love for us revealed.

Behold the glorious Son of God,

In man's nature, took our sin;

Our guilt and shame and in our stead;

Took on Himself our wrath and pain.

Behold the glory of God's Lamb,

He condescends to be a man;

Fulfilling all the law's demands,

And by his death, our sins atone.

Behold the glory of the Lord,

Father, Son and Holy Ghost;

Such grace and love he does afford,

For Adam's race in sin that's lost.

(Tune: Rimmington; LM)

(© Jimmy Hamilton – Written 8th October 2023)


Jesus, my  Lord, my only love,

What riches dwell in You;

The wonder of Your grace to save,

Revealing all that's true.

Jesus, Your glory, let it shine,

In You, Your Godhood see;

That glory see, and fill my mind,