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"Choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live" (De. 30:19)

Street-Work Itinerary

Monday - Walsall Town

Tuesday - Newcastle

Wednesday - Birmingham City & Nottingham (alternate weeks)

Thursday - Macclesfield

Friday - Stoke On Trent

A Devotional Study

Mark's Gospel

Daily food for your soul!

    You were given the Bible to teach us how to be reconciled to God and to live unto him. To become more Christ-like in our daily living. That we might find deep satisfaction and enjoyment in God, knowing his grace flowing towards us, encouraging, strengthening and giving us the victory by the power of his Holy Spirit.



Now, in the West, such apostasy as deep and wide as was the past works of revival has now set in. There surely never has been in the history of redemption such a time as this. Humanity needs gospel workers—men mighty in the scriptures and filled with the Holy Ghost—to take the good news of the gospel again to the multitudes.


There is always a sense of mystery regarding the fact and operations of evil, but they, he, are for real. Be warned, he roams the earth. He uses people in places of power in the state and in the church. If he can influence and control the state and the pulpit, he can control the nation. He takes hold of a Jeroboam and all of Israel is steeped in idolatry. He is ever seeking to poison the cistern of the church. If he can infiltrate the seminary, the Bible college, then he can defile the students, who in turn go out and defile the church.



     This is written upon request. I sincerely apologise to you all for all the pain and hurt I have caused you in past years as a result of my former wicked and depraved way of life. And not least for the disease that you inherited from me, now, most obviously manifesting itself in your own lives, sin, that is. I testify along with Jacob of old, few and evil have been the days of my life. Do believe me when I say, I know what I am, evil, depraved, rotten to the core of my being. Sin yet remains in me and will until I breathe my last. But, again like Jacob, and most thankfully, God chose me, He liked me, He loved me, and He saved me. He has shown me and continues to show me the evil that yet remains.
      Like you, having been conceived and born in sin, and then with my childhood history, it’s hardly surprising I was neither the father nor the husband I ought to have been. My generation speaks of the good old days, they were not all good at all, especially in childhood education, nor, for me anyway, at home. The belt was the teacher's sceptre and the primary means of instruction. In the words of another man, “School teachers treated children as executioners treated thieves.” He was beaten fifteen times before noon because he could not recite a lesson that, entirely without his fault, he had not learned. I recall a boy in my own class in Primary school who received the belt daily, simply and only because he was from a very poor family. I recall receiving the same for no justifiable reasons. I remember in Secondary school being belted by a teacher, who persisted with it until I broke because I refused to cry, he continued until I did. I recall an occasion when my own father chastised me for about the space of two hours, with me standing naked, and in front of my older sister, all because I couldn’t spell a certain word. The only thing that this taught me, was subsequently to treat other children, including my own, in the same way I was. What chance do you think I had of being anything other than what I was? In relating all this I do so without any bitterness, I don’t whine and complain about it. My father, abandoned us when I was nine years of age, that was the happiest day of my childhood, he is gone now but I forgave him a long time ago. But God was merciful to me, his grace has begun to change me, for the better, a task yet unfinished.

     Alas, there lies the only difference between us now, I know the evil that is with me, God in His love has shown it to me. But as yet has not revealed to you, the same evil that is in you yourselves. You think yourselves to be okay. My sins are blatantly obvious to you, you're even more righteous than I, or so you think. I pity your blindness. I pray night and day for you all and will do so till I breathe my last, that the sovereign LORD and Saviour who so kindly removed my blindness, and redeemed me an unworthy, filthy, wretched sinner as I am, may do so for you. May God yet show you all mercy. Sincerely, from your unworthy father.

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# Nine million abortions since abortion act was passed in 1967.

# Almost a half are repeats.

# It's become a lucrative business 130 million @ year out of NHS.

# 98% funded by NHS

# British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS biggest killer of babies in UK) & Marie Stopes are leaders in this industry & enjoy most of the profits.

# Doctors are trained to kill babies.

# Midwives Union seek to recruit midwives to murder babies.


"Christ died for the ungodly" (Romans 5.6)

Preaching in West Virginia

"For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? and how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!"

(Romans 1:18-25).

Molech's Fires Still Burn!

The voices of children they cry from the womb,
Unwanted by parents and facing their doom;
In the name of abortion sentenced to death,
Long before they’ve taken their very first breath.
Mamas’, don’t kill us we promise we’ll be good,
We’ll grow up just fine and do what we should;
To live, to live is their God-given choice,
They all of them echo, with one single voice.

Mothers and fathers you must understand,
The life of your child’s protected by God’s command;
The Mother’s of Molech who surrendered their seed,
To be slain in his fires, they sinned indeed,
“Do not do this,” said the Giver of life,
To slaughter your kids by the surgeon’s knife.
What shall it take to open our eyes,
And the ears of the State, to here these kids cries.

A licence to kill with funds on demand,
This now is what our Government’s planned;
To fuel the fires of Molech’s whoredom,
This is our modern world’s godless wisdom;
To live or die’s just a political game,
That has brought on our nation, nothing but shame;
While the children cry from their mother’s womb,
Unwanted by any, just awaiting their doom.

Where will this slaughter come to an end?
Men-slayers shall all, be finally condemned;
God’s book will be opened and all be revealed,
Their carcasses strewn o’er the potter’s field;
A field of blood, for those strangers to God,
For their pieces of silver, now comes the final reward;
No mercy was shown, now none shall be given,
In the fires of Hell, they’ll reap what they’ve sown.

(©️ James R Hamilton, September 2018).

Preaching in Manchester

Jimmy preaching in Stafford

Preaching in Cambridge

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