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USA Tour 2018

New York Skyline

On Thursday 24th of September we hit the ground running - That evening we preached at Rutgers Campus in the state of New Jersey - A complaint was made to the police regarding the noise (we used amplification) but the complaint came to nothing - We had some very good conversations - The man with Dale McAlpine below on left showed some signs of conviction after prolonged conversation - On right Robert Parker debating young student:


I had a particularly good conversation with one man from a Christian background, I seriously challenged his present worldview and urged him to get back to his Bible.

On Friday 25th we preached on the Staten Island ferry en-route to NY City to a captive audience:

We also preached at two venues in New York City to the crowds gathered for Pope's visit - It was heart-rending to see so many people engaged int this idolatrous worship of a man - We gave out many tract, also had some good conversations - Our brother Alex Solis who was with us preached in Spanish to the many Spanish-speaking people in the crowds - There was one man who actually made a profession of faith:

Above picture Don Harman & Dale McAlpine speaking to a man on the streets of New York.

We preached on the New York Subway and on the Staten Island ferry on our return journey to New Jersey - Many, many people heard the gospel that day:

Please pray for gospel fruit.

On Saturday 26th we preached at the Englewood abortion clinic in New Jersey - It was a harrowing experience to see these young women being ushered in and out to have their children murdered - And to witness the hardness of heart of those who operate these clinics - It is one thing to know about abortion and to be against it - But to actually be there and plead with those involved, it is another level altogether:

The escorts (deathscourts) outside who usher the women in and out? Women with hearts of stone, we preached to them in vain - Please pray for Robert Parker who with others are there regularly on Saturday mornings - Pray that God would break the hearts of sinners and save children's lives.

Afterwards we preached in downtown Newark, New Jersey - A very needy area, where drugs are openly pedalled on the street corners - Nasty, virulent Islamists and sad broken people - One guy kicked off as I was preaching, he was in my face and screaming - The other guys reckoned he was on something - But praise God all our literature went there that day and we had some very good conversations.

Still on Saturday some of the guys went to Princeton University Campus - They started about ten o'clock at night till two in the morning - Drunkenness, debauchery and utterly godless - This is of course would be the equivalent to Oxbridge in the UK I guess - If this is the cream of America's youth it does not bode well for the future of the nation - Pray the God would indeed bless America - And I mean that!

On Sunday 27th we attended Robert Parker's church "Bread of Life" in New Jersey - The service included another like-minded church which was held outdoors in the park with a barbecue afterwards - Good preaching and fellowship:

After the service and barbecue we returned to downtown Newark to preach again to the needy souls there.

On Monday 28th we preached at the Albany University Campus in New York State - Many kids gathered as the gospel was preached - It became quite wild at times - The Bible says "out of the heart the mouth speaks", on that basis we were faced with many bad, bad hearts - One young girl stole one of our gospel signs - Brother Sye chased her down to retrieve the sign - In the process the girl was felled, the police got involved - Sye claimed citizens arrest, the whole thing was filmed by someone so clearly revealed her stealing the sign - The police asked if we wanted her prosecuted - It was agreed an apology would be sufficient, which was duly offered - In spite of the wildness there were many, many good conversations had, too many to recount here - Pray please for souls to be saved:


Above pictures preaching at Albany Campus, New York State.

Don Harman preaching at Temple Campus.

Dale McAlpine preaching at Englewood abortion Clinic.

Mike Stockwell preaching at Purchase Campus.
On Tuesday 29th we preached at U-Mass (the University of Massachusetts) - It was a bit quieter than Albany, just a bit - There were some very good questions and good conversations:


On Wednesday 30th we preached at Purchase Campus New York State - This was really off the wall wild, it was akin to preaching at the very gates of hell - It is reckoned to be the most liberal, sodomite Campus in US? - The filth and the blasphemy expressed was unbelievable and inexpressible here - Two young girls stripped off in front of the preachers and remained naked to the waist throughout - Another sign was stolen by a guy this time, the police chased the guy and cuffed him - Again we didn't press charges, it left for College authorities to deal with:


The above pictures, from the left, the trumpet's being blown to drown out the preachers - Note the male dressed asa female (debauchery was unbelievable) - Centre crowd gathered - Right Sye conversing with a couple of guys:


One young lady told us that her mother had pleaded with her not go to Albany - She said at end of semester she was done with it, she's out of it - Again when you consider this to be the state of University students in the USA, what does this bode for the future of the country?
As you pray for these youngsters, do remember our own in the United Kingdom are not one iota better.

On Thursday 1st, October we preached at Temple University Campus in Philadelphia, New Jersey - It started off fairly quiet, but became quite wild later on:


Above Don Harman preaching and the response in the middle


Above Sye speaking with some of the youths.

 However as is usually the case there were some good conversations in the midst of it all - There was yet another session with the police - Young guy falsely accused Sye of touching him - I was stood right next to them so I know what didn't happen - Nothing came of it.

On Friday 2nd we preached at U-Penn (the University of Pennsylvania) - It was wet, very, very wet - Three of the guys did preach but there was not many folk about, just some hurrying past in the rain - Under the shelter of the doorway I had a very good conversation with a young man - U-Penn, I'm told is an ivy league Campus, the students are more mature there - It's a pity we didn't get the full day there and the opportunity to preach to more of the students.

On Saturday 3rd, last day of the tour we preached at Englewood abortion clinic again - The murder Mill - Dale spoke at length with one of the female escorts, a hardened feminist - But there was no sign of any compassion or mercy in her at all.


Sye Ten Bruggencate preaching at Albany Campus.

Feeding time!

Dale & I flew home Saturday evening - It was an intense ten days, very tiring, but very fruitful in terms of what we went there for - To preach the gospel of Christ to the lost - We did that, the men I was with preached well, with boldness and authority - It was a privilege to stand with them - But the job is not finished, we must pray and I ask you to pray with us - That God would be glorified in both the preaching and its final results whatever the Divine purpose be - And that God would be merciful to poor, lost sinners - And that God would uphold, strengthen and encourage my brothers in Christ who carry on this good work week by week and day by day in the USA - And a big, big thank you to all who did pray for us!