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Jamaica Tour 2016

I was preaching in Jamaica for two weeks in January, 2016 with my brothers from Cross Country Evangelism, USA. Robert S Gray was our team leader as we declared the gospel of God's grace to sinners in various towns in the the north part of Jamaica. We were based in Montego Bay.

We preached in Sam Sharpe Square in Montego Bay several times - This building is called 'The Cage' it's a shop now, but once was the local jail - We preached just outside and to he left.


Some of the brethren preaching in Sam Sharpe Square - From the left, brothers Scott Smith, Don Karns & Bobbly McCreery


Robert S Gray our team leader with Nathan Magnussen & Eddie Roman to the right preaching Jesus & him crucified.      

Debra McHaffey, Mary Magnussen & Sharon Stockwell made up the contingency of lady workers with us - All doing a sterling job witnessing on the personal level to many people on the streets of Jamaica.

Mary Magnussen & Robert S Gray


I myself in different locations declaring the gospel and sharing one to one with a Rasta-man!


We had a lovely spirit of unity in the team with many precious moments of fellowship - Serenaded by Nathan with his ukele playing a on occasions.


Some of the markets were good opportunities for preaching - A seething mass of unsaved humanity greatly in need of the gospel of God's grace!

Mike Stockwell preaching in Montego Bay, Jamaica.


The Hotel Glorianny where we were based during the mission to Jamaica!