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James R. Hamilton

is both an Evangelical Minister working in North Staffordshire in the UK. Preaching the gospel of God's grace and love in North Staffordshire, he was until recently the minister of Fole Reformed Presbyterian Chapel. He is now working as a freelance, itinerant missionary. He also travels more widely, preaching in some of the towns & cities throughout the country, including Ireland and Scotland. He also preaches in many congregations at home and abroad as by invitation.

Calvin & the Law!

This is a thirty page booklet explaining the Reformer John Calvin's teaching on the subject of biblical Law. A needed antidote against the rising tide of so-called new covenant teaching abroad today. The Law for Calvin had a three fold purpose, pedagogical, political and very much a purpose for the believers life today and every generation.   
 'A Street Preacher Publication'
The Book of Daniel
(End-times in the Old Testament)
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Street-Work Itinerary

Monday - Nottingham (Fortnightly)
Tuesday - Newcastle-Under-Lyme (Weekly)
Wednesday - Longton (Weekly)
Thursday - Hanley (Weekly)
Friday - Stafford (Weekly)

The Acts of the Apostles

Jesus, Jesus, all sufficient,
beyond telling is Thy worth;
In Thy Name lie greater treasures
than the richest found on earth.
Such abundance,
Is my portion with my God

In Thy gracious face there’s beauty
Far surpassing every thing
Found in all the earth’s great wonders
Mortal eye hath ever seen.
Rose of Sharon
Thou Thyself art heaven’s delight.
(William Williams)
(Tune: Rimington; LM)

"Prayers are measured neither by time nor by number, but by intensity...There is no way to learn to pray but by praying...Though a man should have all knowledge about prayer, and though he understand all mysteries about prayer, unless he prays he will never learn to pray"
(S. Chadwick)

Foundations Series
(Origins of the Universe, Mankind, Sin etc)

How Can it Be?

The Book of Revelation
(Biblical Eschatology)

"In relation to the sinner the God of holiness is a consuming fire. Yet in his sovereign freedom to do his own pleasure, this same delights to show mercy to the unworthy and undeserving, and to devise means by which the estranged should be reconciled and the banished reinstated. Nor are these two complimentary activities of holiness and grace satisfactorily held together in outworked harmony anywhere else except in the propitiation of Christ's sacrifice, and in the consequent gospel  which offers to the sinful God's way of being himself just and yet at the same time the justifier of him who has faith in Jesus"

In the Beginning

Women in Ministry - Is it Biblical?
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Male & Female Distinctives - A Biblical Perspective
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Christian Concern
The Canons of Dordt

The First Main Points of Doctrine

    Article 12: The Assurance of Election

    Assurance of this their eternal and unchangeable election to salvation is given to the chosen in due time, though by various stages and in differing measure. Such assurance comes not by inquisitive searching into the hidden and deep things of God, but by noticing within themselves, with spiritual joy and holy delight, the unmistakable fruits of election pointed out in God's Word-- such as a true faith in Christ, a childlike fear of God, a godly sorrow for their sins, a hunger and thirst for righteousness, and so on.

    Article 13: The Fruit of This Assurance

    In their awareness and assurance of this election God's children daily find greater cause to humble themselves before God, to adore the fathomless depth of his mercies, to cleanse themselves, and to give fervent love in return to him who first so greatly loved them. This is far from saying that this teaching concerning election, and reflection upon it, make God's children lax in observing his commandments or carnally self-assured. By God's just judgment this does usually happen to those who casually take for granted the grace of election or engage in idle and brazen talk about it but are unwilling to walk in the ways of the chosen.

    Article 14: Teaching Election Properly

      Just as, by God's wise plan, this teaching concerning divine election has been proclaimed through the prophets, Christ himself, and the apostles, in Old and New Testament times, and has subsequently been committed to writing in the Holy Scriptures, so also today in God's church, for which it was specifically intended, this teaching must be set forth--with a spirit of discretion, in a godly and holy manner, at the appropriate time and place, without inquisitive searching into the ways of the Most High. This must be done for the glory of God's most holy name, and for the lively comfort of his people.

      Theology of Children
      The Fallibility of Ministers

      by J.C. Ryle                   

      Great, even the best of ministers make mistakes, sometimes great mistakes. And sometimes mistaken ministers need to be told they are mistaken, it is more important to keep the truth in the church than the peace. Mr. Ryle also shows us here that there is no doctrine over which we should be so jealous as that of justification by faith alone, apart from works

        'A Street Preacher Publication'

      Devotional Study

      Mark's Gospel
      (Revised Edition)

      Daily food for your soul!

          You were given the Bible to teach us how to be reconciled to God and to live unto him. To become more Christ-like in our daily living. That we might find deep satisfaction and enjoyment in God, knowing his grace flowing towards us, encouraging, strengthening and giving us the victory by the power of his Holy Spirit. 

          As you use these devotional tools, written by James R Hamilton himself, you will begin to experience growth, and inner strength emanating from the word God. The strength is in the seed. God wants you to have that strength, to know his power and grace working in you, transforming your inner life, filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory

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        'A Street Preacher Publication'

      (Evangelistic Sermons on Mark's Gospel)

      “Also, as our Lord made equally plain, there are in the end only these two alternatives, either condemnation or justification, either to exalt ourselves and be divinely humbled or to humble ourselves and be divinely exalted (Luke 18:9-14). Such is the message which ought afresh to be clearly sounded forth"
      (A. Stibbs)


      "When hope is thus wholly and exclusively fixed outside of oneself and outside one's fellow-men on another, and that other Jesus, the Son of God, the once crucified and now exalted Saviour, the believer finds a solid and unshakeable ground of full and abiding assurance. He knows that his sins are forgiven and forgotten by God. He knows that by his grace all is well and all will be well. Possession of such assurance is an intended heritage and should be a distinctive mark of all who embrace the Christian gospel"
      (A. Stibbs)

      The Parables of Jesus
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      (What do they really mean?)

      Salvation or Judgment?

      The Drunkard's Testimony!

      For Keith Bullock, a brother and friend from back in the day. He serves the Lord through the auspices of the Open-Air Mission. He now has a very serious life-threatening tumour on the brain, inoperable I'm told. Please pray for Keith and his family at this time.