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Fole Reformed Presbyterian Chapel

James R. Hamilton

is both an Evangelical and Protestant Minister, Presbyterian by persuasion, working in North Staffordshire in the UK. Preaching the gospel of God's grace and love in North Staffordshire, currently the minister of Fole Reformed Presbyterian Chapel. He also travels more widely, preaching in some of the towns & cities throughout the country, including Ireland and Scotland. He also preaches in many congregations at home and abroad as by invitation.

Calvin & the Law!

This is a thirty page booklet explaining the Reformer John Calvin's teaching on the subject of biblical Law. A needed antidote against the rising tide of so-called new covenant teaching abroad today. The Law for Calvin had a three fold purpose, pedagogical, political and very much a purpose for the believers life today and every generation.   
 'A Street Preacher Publication'
The Book of Daniel
(End-times in the Old Testament)
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Street-Work Itinerary
Nottingham - Monday (Fortnightly
Tuesday - Newcastle-Under-Lyme (Weekly)
Thursday - Hanley (Weekly)
Friday - Stafford (weekly)


How pleasant and how good it is,
When brethren in the Lord;
In one another's joy delight,
And dwell in sweet accord.

Such love is like anointing oil,
In consecration poured;
Such love is like the morning dew,
With sweet refreshment stored.

To those who dwell in brotherhood,
The Lord his blessing sends;
He crowns them with the crown of life,
Of life that never ends.
(United Presbyterian Psalter 133)

"When adversity meets a man destitute of grace, it stirs up within him a rebellious spirit against the moral government of God; or, at least, it calls forth his natural corruption into more active operation"
(T. Meade)

Foundations Series
(Origins of the Universe, Mankind, Sin etc)

Who Made God?

To be actively employed is good for the Christian, while a too great seclusion unfits the mind for general usefulness. There is, however, a happy combination of activity and retirement which at once strengthens the mind and preserves its spirituality from decay
(T. Meade)

The Book of Revelation
(Biblical Eschatology)

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"As pride and prejudice shut out the light of truth, so humility and openness prepare for its admission"
(T. Mead)

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Monday, 10th
, November 2014, 7pm
(Fortnightly thereafter)


Fole Reformed Presbyterian Chapel

Bible Study: Wed 6.30pm - Sunday: 10.30 & 5pm

"We preach Christ crucified"
(1Corinthians 1:23)

The Apostles' Creed

I. I believe in God the Father, Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth:
II. And in Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, our Lord;
III. Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary;
IV. Suffered under Pontius Pilate; was crucified, dead, and buried; He descended into hell;
V. The third day he rose again from the dead;
VI. He ascended into heaven, and sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty;
VII. From thence He shall come to judge the quick and the dead;
VIII. I believe in the Holy Spirit.
IX. I believe an holy catholic church; the communion of saints;
X. The forgiveness of sins.
XI. The Resurrection of the body;
XII. And the life everlasting. AMEN. 

 Theology of Children
The Fallibility of Ministers

by J.C. Ryle                   

Great, even the best of ministers make mistakes, sometimes great mistakes. And sometimes mistaken ministers need to be told they are mistaken, it is more important to keep the truth in the church than the peace. Mr. Ryle also shows us here that there is no doctrine over which we should be so jealous as that of justification by faith alone, apart from works

  'A Street Preacher Publication'

Devotional Study

Mark's Gospel
(Revised Edition)

Daily food for your soul!

    You were given the Bible to teach us how to be reconciled to God and to live unto him. To become more Christ-like in our daily living. That we might find deep satisfaction and enjoyment in God, knowing his grace flowing towards us, encouraging, strengthening and giving us the victory by the power of his Holy Spirit. 

    As you use these devotional tools, written by James R Hamilton himself, you will begin to experience growth, and inner strength emanating from the word God. The strength is in the seed. God wants you to have that strength, to know his power and grace working in you, transforming your inner life, filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory

Books, Booklets and Tracts for sale. 

  'A Street Preacher Publication'

(Evangelistic Sermons on Mark's Gospel)

"Sensuality. This dreadful evil  is the parent of crimes, which the apostle declares ought not so much as to be named among the holy followers of Christ. How awful, then, is the thought that the nominally Christian world is, at this very moment, stained with crimes of so polluting a nature…Self-indulgence, sloth, luxury, gluttony, and drunkenness unite with carnal gratifications and impure desires in binding chains around the captive sinner until death consigns him to the dungeon of hell…If ye live after the flesh, ye shall die” (Romans 8:13)"
(T. Meade)

Evolution's Achille's Heel

"But there is another enemy which lodges within the human heart, covetousness, or love of the world. This sin ever opposes the exercise of love to Christ and heavenly things in the soul of the believer"
(T. Meade)

Women in Ministry - Is it Biblical?
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Male & Female Distinctives - A Biblical Perspective
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